This unique 1-day workshop is designed to provide students with fundamentals of piping respective ASME codes and standards, piping materials and their construction, roles and responsibilities of piping material engineers as well as different piping classifications and manufacturing. The workshop is designated to help students with no background, little and /or intermediate knowledge in the [...]
The recent movements in environmental preservation have gained a lot of support and interest from governments, NGOs and public aiming to lower human-generated emissions and to implement corrective actions. This support shall be properly backed up by practical knowledge and investment to prepare the involved people with the required knowledge. Water and wastewater treatment is [...]
Process plant design and analysis is a broad area of expertise, highly demanding solid understanding of the given conditions and requirements to achieve a certain goal, i.e. producing pharmaceutical, food and/or petrochemical products. The responsible personnel (in both design and operation roles) not only needs to be familiar with PFDs (Process Flow Diagrams) and P&IDs [...]
The recent advancements in hardware and software technology and numerical techniques have helped Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to gain a significant advantage over costly experimental methods and typically simplified theoretical approaches. While there are several commercial CFD software packages, the user should understand the common terms, their usage and applicability to his/her own application of [...]
North York College of Information and Technology (NYCIT) is a registered private career college, offering engineering and technical training courses in Toronto. Environmental Engineering and Technology courses at North York College are uniquely developed to provide students with the right design skills and engineering expertise, and to equip them with the right training to professionally [...]