Coating and Paint Technology Program

Coating and Paint has applications in construction, automotive industries, wood and concrete applications, oil and gas industries, water and wastewater treatment plants, appliances, and airplanes.

The Coating and Paint Technician is responsible for applying different types of coating and paint and preparing surfaces for product application.

The coating and paint technician must be familiar with paint and coating quality control tests, must know the paint ingredients, basics of difference coating systems, and must know the surface preparation methods and coating application methods.




This course covers corrosion fundamentals, types of corrosion, corrosion importance, identification of corrosive environments and methods to control corrosion.

Coating Technology

This course contains coating fundamentals, coating importance, coating production, types of coatings, coatings ingredients such as resins, pigments, solvents, additives

Paint Physics and Chemistry

This course contains the chemistry of different types of coatings, coating physics including rheology, film formation, dispersion, adhesion, mechanical properties of coatings and other coatings properties.

Coating Quality Tests

This subject covers all paint and coating quality tests during production, after production, during application and after application.

Manufacturers, painters and coating inspectors use different types of quality tests to ensure the quality of the coating material and applied coatings.

Coating Defects and Inspection

This course covers the analysis of coating failures, coating defects, and coating inspection. All the coating failures and their remedies and their interpretation are covered in this course.

Coating Application and Surface Preparation

This course covers the tools for coating application and also different methods for surface preparation.

Powder Coatings

This course consists of the powder coatings fundamentals, powder coating chemistry, importance of powder coatings, powder coatings production and application.

Automotive Coatings

This course covers the automotive coatings technology consisting of the chemistry, technology, application and properties of difference layers of automotive coatings such as e-coat, primer, topcoat.

This course also covers the quality control of automotive coatings and also coating application on plastic parts.

Paint and Formulation

This course contains the basics of paint formulation for different types of coatings.

HSE and Management

This course covers safety, environmental protection, and health in paint and coating industries, paint and coating production, and paint and coating application. This course also introduces the management in paint industries.