North York College- Programs and Courses

North York College of Information and Technology (NYCIT) offers the following services in addition to the programs and courses that it provides to individuals, who seek career opportunities:

Career Counselling

NYCIT offers counselling and job settlement services assistance, helping students and graduates with their career objectives. We provide students the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their career, via proudly partnering with My Academy. NYCIT and My Academy offer a variety of counselling services as the following:

  • Professional Development
  • Effective job search techniques
  • Creating professional resume, CV
  • Job interview preparation
  • Mock interview
  • Resume and Cover letter workshop
  • Academic Advising

Corporate Training

Our client-focused corporate training approach allows us to design training programs that are customized to address each individual entity’s industrial needs. Simply put, we closely collaborate with corporates to understand their improvement opportunities and educational needs and develop training programs accordingly. North York College meets and exceeds corporate’ expectations by diligently spending the time up-front to understand the industrial challenges, perform market analysis and propose improvement methods, which help corporates get the best return on their investment, achieve their business goals and boost their workplace educational standards.

Financial Services

Interest Free Payment Plan:

NYCIT offers the “interest free payment plan” for the convenience of our students. The total tuition of a certificate course is spread into two payments. An initial deposit of 50% is due before the course starts and the remaining is due one month after registration.

For vocational programs, the total tuition cost is spread into monthly payments. An initial deposit of 25% is due before the program of study starts and the remaining balance is divided into equal monthly payments for the duration/length of the program. The final payment is due one month prior to the program completion.

Free Course Manuals and Certificates:

Upon registering in our certificate courses (non-vocational programs), you will be eligible to get the course handouts for free. By completion of the non-vocational programs you will also get the course certificate free of charge.

Group Registration Discount:

Group of 3 students and above will each receive 10% discount by registering in programs/courses. For more information please contact

Individual Registration Discount:

The individuals who are interested to register in more than one course/program will automatically receive a 10% discount for the second, third and more registrations. Moreover, as a token of our appreciation, 5% accumulative discount will be awarded to any individual who refers other students, contingent on their registration.