Fractional Distillation Process in Oil and Gas Industry

Fractional Distillation Certificate Workshop (Process Engineering Certificate Course Series in Toronto)

North York College of Information and Technology (NYCIT) is a registered private career college, offering engineering and technical training courses in Toronto.

You will learn:

Introduction to Distillation Column in oil and gas industry, columns operation and basic design, piping arrangement and nozzle orientation, column internals, different types of reboilers and condensers.


8 hours (Wednesday and Thursday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm)

Who Should Attend:

This course provides technical details on Distillation Process and it is designed for technical personnel, all engineering disciplines.

Course Content:

  • Distillation Process Principles
  • Components of Distillation Columns
  • Distillation Column Operation and Control
  • Piping arrangement and nozzle orientation on Distillation Columns
  • Material and Energy balance on Distillation Columns


Students who successfully accomplish the final project will receive an official certificate of completion.

You will also receive a free course manual upon registration (in the beginning of class).

Register as a group of three or more receive 10% discount.